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Words and Press

'Bewitching electric folk that marries hooky melodies to a rich, atmospheric undercurrent.'

- Folk East

'Polly Preacher is wonky folk troubadour Ashleagh Hurren. Singer of wistful, idiosyncratic songs, imbued with otherworldly innocence and subliminal menace.'

- Antigen Records

'A crepuscular, witty electric folk with a homemade feel and a few echoes of lo-fi indie rock. There are a few shades of Kristen Hersh, perhaps even a little Lupen Crook, but for the most part a Polly Preacher song follows its own pattern.'

- Misfit City


On Oh No, Oh Dear:

'Short and snappy, moody and unsettling... Its dark, almost gothic take on folk invites comparison with more maverick artists like PJ Harvey and Nick Cave, in that she takes heed of longstanding folk traditions and subjects but creates a sound that is both timeless and fresh.'

- Analogue Trash

On When You're Gone:

'Polly Preacher breathes new life into the old Heartbreaker. A really successful cover!

In fact, I have to admit that I find this version a bit more melodious and flowing than the original. I especially like the sensual singing and the floating musical backdrop.'

- Picky Magazine

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